Door Services in Camarillo

The doors in your home or business play a variety of significant roles that are easy to overlook. Besides having aesthetic value, doors maintain the safety and security of your property, provide you access to different areas of the building, and allow for increased privacy. 

If you are facing issues with the doors in your home or business, or if it's time to invest in new ones, you've come to the right place. 

Over many years, Rodger Jones Construction Inc. has become one of the most trusted door installation companies in Camarillo. Whether you are interested in French doors, front doors, industrial doors, or if you need door maintenance and repair, reach our team at (805) 910-9314.

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Doors that Deliver

When it comes time to invest in new doors, it's important to think critically about what functions and benefits the doors on your property have. Any good door will enhance security, allow accessibility, and offer some level of privacy, be it visual or audio. 


You count on your doors to protect your property and everyone in it from intruders and thieves. A high-quality, exterior door will have reliable locking mechanisms and will open and close with ease when unlocked. 


Doors allow accessibility. You don't want a door to be too heavy, too hard to open, or too flimsy. You want to be able to move between your spaces with ease. 


Doors often separate our spaces, and most will provide a level of privacy. Good doors will be mostly soundproof and allow a clean partition between one room and the next. 

At Rodger Jones Construction Inc., we use only the industry's most trusted materials and techniques when building and installing custom doors in your home. We will consider every function when completing dependable repairs too. 

Invest in Beautiful Doors

Beyond function and practicality, doors have an aesthetic value and charm. Doors are often used as the centerpiece of a room. Whether you want to design and build a stunning front door, or if you're interested in investing in moveable patio doors, our contractors have the extensive experience to pull off any door service. 

Get a Quote for Door Services

When you get in touch with us about an installation or repair service, our team will book you in for a consultation right away. 

During the consultation, we will inspect the damage or the door installation site. We will take careful measurements of the space to ensure a seamless fit. 

We will also consider the budget you're working with and provide you with a quote outlining the cost of the service before we get to work.

Our Door Company is at Your Service

Are your doors sticking, not closing correctly, or acting up? Maybe your doors have been damaged, or the locking mechanism isn't trustworthy. Whatever the case may be, if you need door repair, maintenance, or installation services, Rodger Jones Construction Inc. is the team to call. 

Our goal is to ensure that you have beautiful doors that you can count on to function day in and day out. 

For more information about the door services we offer, reach our team by phone today!